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Who's Your Best Audience?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Everyday I encounter numerous brides and their posse. Some choose to bring one or two while others choose to bring five to ten. I know you want opinions but lets be real - do you want to wear a dress that you were talked into? No, probably not. What I've come to notice whether it was shopping in New York or anywhere else is that brides lose their self and get caught up in the opinions of others. Contrary to what most think, this actually brings down the excitement. This really does a disservice because when they come back for their follow-up appointment, they have to start all over again and then only bring that one or two special person(s) with them.

Who do we suggest?

1. The person who raised you

2. The person who will always have your back

Keep your gown choice as a surprise! You will be the most beautiful bride no matter what you wear and if someone didn't like your dress well guess what? Who cares, because you did and you're going to rock it!

Tip: Don't text pics, even of the rejects. Sometime's you'll get feedback that you didn't even want to hear in the first place

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