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What's a Wedding Dresser?

You may or may have not heard what a day-of wedding dresser is. You also may not know that they even exist, but alas! We do! What do we do and why is it important to know? I'll give you the breakdown below:

What can we do?

Your day-of wedding dresser will be there by your side on your wedding day. Why do you need one you say? Well, if you have hired an event planner or a day-of coordinator they'll be super busy outside of your bridal suite making sure everything is perfect and aligning with all of your vendors. So, who's with you inside the suite making sure that your hair is picture perfect? That your makeup artist covered up that tan line that your bridesmaid couldn't quite fix after the bachelorette weekend? We'll be. While your photographer may or may not have a team, most are looking through the lens to make sure they're getting that perfect light, and for them to constantly get up to fix your dress isn't always ideal.

Real Story:

While getting ready, the groomsmen were having a pretty good time in the groom's suite. So good that one of the groomsman did a jump split and ripped his pants!! I've never experienced anything like this, so here I was playing doctor and doing surgery on these pants while he waited in the bathroom in his boxers at the venue. An hour of sewing and fashion taping later, he was able to walk down the aisle and thankfully his jacket just covered that oh so special spot. His girlfriend though, she wasn't so happy with him... made for a good story though!

Here’s how some of us do it:

  1. Attend last 2 alterations

  2. Steam

  3. Dress

  4. Accompany you throughout photos

  5. Set your train and veil before walking down the aisle

  6. Bustle you for your reception

  7. Be there for any fashion emergencies (see crazy story above!)

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