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Finding The Dress

So, you don't know anything about picking out a wedding dress. That's okay, because nobody expected you to. Picking out your wedding dress should be stress-free and a fun process. Remember, this is about you! The wedding dress is the one thing that you do not have to compromise on and a decision you really don't have to share with anyone else. Your fiance knows who they are marrying, he or she will love anything that you put on. Why? because it's your wedding day and it's about getting married, not about the dress. I repeat, NOT about the dress!

You want to find a dress that makes you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt. The dress that makes you say "wow." You may or may not get the tears like you see on "Say Yes To The Dress," and that's okay because everyone's journey is different. No need to go to 10 different stores and play the game of "let's beat the dress." That is when you take the fun and excitement out of it.

To best prepare for your appointment go in with your hair semi-done, fresh makeup, and a great attitude. Some stores provide shoes and undergarments but if wearing a pair of shoes that someone else has worn grosses you out, then definitely bring a pair of heels of your own. If you're a C-cup or bigger, bring a strapless bra - I promise you this makes all the difference.


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