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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Okay, this post is for my girls with a full C-cup and up. What I'm about to say is something that you do not not want to hear, but I say this with TLC: PLEASE wear a bra underneath your wedding dress! Okay, there, I've said it! Where's the "see no evil" monkey emoji when you need it?

Wearing the correct undergarments will give you the correct foundation underneath your gown. The boning of the dress is really there to keep the dress up and give it some sort of structure, not you. After all, this is why gowns cost what they do. So many bridal consultants tip-toe around this situation because they do not want to offend you and chances are you've probably fought them on this issue. Trust us when we tell you to put on a bra. You will automatically see and feel the difference. Talk to your seamstress about sewing the corset into the dress if you're really adamant about not wearing one.

Take my advice - this will make you feel and look even better in your perfect dress. If you're super busty, contact your local lingerie/corset shop and they will fit you into one. Let them know that you need one for bridal gown shopping and they will take it from there.


One of my personal favorites is the Soiree Corset by Le Mystere.Ta-Ta for now!

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