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All About The Veil

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I personally love veils. I think they're dramatic and beautiful but that doesn't mean that you have to wear one. Nobody will think less of you as a bride if you don't have it. More and more brides are opting out of the traditional covering but I do recommend wearing one if you're getting married in a religious setting.

Wearing a veil (and blusher) is absolutely your personal choice and there are a few ways to wear it.


Fingertip - literally, to your fingertips

Ballet - to the bottom of your dress

Chapel - 90"

Cathedral - 110"+


Standard Length - 30-35"

European Length - 40" +

Choosing the length that is right for you is dependent upon your height and the type of dress you are wearing. The goal is to not cut a horizontal line. You want to look leaner and longer while standing at the altar. The veil is just as important as the dress, even if you plan on wearing it for 20 minutes. The veil completes the picture and will be in you photos forever.

PSA: Please stay away from elbow length ;)

Grace Kelly

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