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Why Are Veils Expensive?

I can't help but jump into random veil conversations I see on various social media threads. While I'm a big supporter of platforms like Etsy that empower small businesses and unknown designers, I strongly believe in respecting the original creators.

Let's dive into the conversation about the value of veils. Here's my take: all costs are relative.

Consider this: if you've invested in a $500 dress, it makes sense not to overspend on your veil. I understand that completely.

On the other hand, if your dress costs $10,000, then you're likely in a position to invest in a high-quality veil that complements your attire. It's all about proportion and ensuring everything matches the standard you've set with your dress.

Some might argue, "But I only wear the veil for 30 minutes!" My response? "You wear your dress for 8-10 hours." Let's break it down with some numbers:

If your dress costs $10,000 and you wear it for 8 hours: $10,000 / 8 hours = $1,250 per hour

If your veil costs around 10% of your dress price, say $1,000, and you wear it for 1 hour: $1,000 / 1 hour = $1,000 for the hour

In the end, whether it's your dress or your veil, they both contribute to the timeless photos you'll cherish forever.

Your veil is the pièce de résistance, the moment you're unveiled as a bride, captured in photographs that will last a lifetime. Why not invest in something that reflects this significance?

There are countless options in fabrics, cuts, combs, widths, lengths, and origins of veils. Each choice impacts how your veil complements your dress. Trust me, you don't want a stiff, unflattering piece of tulle detracting from your meticulously chosen gown.

It's important to remember that behind each veil are people and businesses, just like yours and mine, trying to make a living. Supporting these artisans and the stores that stock their veils is more than just about cost—it's about valuing craftsmanship and ensuring everything on your special day is perfect.

So, next time you're debating veils, trust the experts and consider the long-term value. Your wedding day is worth it!

Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening!

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