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How To Choose?

The Dilemma of Loving Two Dresses!

The wedding dress—arguably one of the most exciting and anticipated parts of wedding planning and where the love of bridal styling began for me! Whether you’ve dreamed of this moment since childhood or you’re just beginning to explore bridal fashion, finding the right wedding dress is a journey filled with excitement, emotions, and of course, fabulous fashion.

I always like to say that your wedding dress is the one aspect of your wedding where you really don’t have to compromise. Your fiancé is going to love whatever you wear because there really is an emotional aspect of them just seeing you on that day. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. But hey, weddings are about love anyway so it’s okay to talk cheesy once in a while ;)

There is a lot to choose from and every dress is beautiful in it’s own right. Especially when navigating through a city like New York, your options do become endless but somehow, in my experience, it always comes down to two. When faced with the delightful dilemma of choosing between two wedding dresses, it's important to approach the decision thoughtfully. Here’s a few tips on how to navigate through your uncertainty and make a choice that feels right for your wedding day:

1. Comfort:

Consider how each dress feels when you wear it. Comfort is paramount, as you’ll be wearing your wedding dress for hours on end, especially if you don’t have any intention on changing into a second look. Pay attention to how the fabric feels against your skin, whether the silhouette allows for easy movement, and if any areas feel restrictive or uncomfortable.

2. Venue Suitability:

Think about your wedding venue and its surroundings. Does one dress suit the vibe and formality level of the venue more than the other? Yes, you can wear whatever you want but you do want the entire look to be cohesive. For instance, a ball gown might be perfect for a grand hotel ballroom wedding, while a sleek sheath dress might be more suitable for a vineyard or beach wedding (I’m not saying these are hard rules). Visualize yourself in each setting to see which dress complements the ambiance you envision.

3. Overall Wedding Vision:

Reflect on your overall vision and how each dress aligns with it. Consider factors like the theme, color scheme, the dress code for your guests, and the image of yourself walking down the aisle. Which dress makes you feel like the most beautiful and authentic version of yourself on your wedding day? Your dress should not only look stunning but also resonate with the essence of your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create.

4. Photography Considerations:

Think about how each dress will photograph. Certain details and fabrics may look different in photographs compared to how they appear in person. Consider how the dresses will appear in both formal portraits and candid moments throughout the day against the background of your venue. Perhaps if you’re having a super romantic wedding you’ll want fabrics that drape and photograph softly in the photos.

Mira Zwilling Strapless Jodi Dress

5. Feedback from Trusted Confidants:

This one is super super important. Seek input from those whose opinions you trust, such as family members or close friends who know your style and vision. But these people can’t be just anyone, this needs to be your ride or die- the ones who truly know you. Their insights can provide a fresh perspective. The key for me as a bridal stylist is when someone says “this is totally her personality”. While we want the unexpected, you want to go for the dress that is you because that’s how you know you’ll always love it and feel the most confident.

6. Timeless vs. Trendy:

Are you a person who always takes fashion risks or are you a classic button down with jeans and a blazer kind of person? Both are great, btw. Consider whether you prefer a dress that reflects current trends or one that lends itself to being more timeless and classic. Trends come and go, so think about which dress you will still love looking back on in photographs years from now. There is no wrong but again, this comes down to your overall personality.

7. Trust Your Instincts:

Most importantly and ultimately, trust your instincts and how you feel in each dress. If you feel that your love one dress even a teeny bit more than the other contender, then that should be your winner because why would you choose the one you like slightly less? Also, keep in mind that your wedding dress should evoke happiness, confidence, and a sense of excitement about your upcoming celebration. When you find the dress that makes you feel like the bride you’ve always dreamed of being, you’ll know it’s the right choice.

Still can’t decide or need professional input? Consider hiring a bridal stylist ;)

Mira Zwillinger Jodi Dress Strapless

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