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Bridal & Wedding Attire Stylist



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Imagine your entire wedding is taken care of by a service devoted  entirely to you. From curation through alteration, our company will afford you the time to focus on other aspects of wedding planning. If you've already hired a wedding planner, then you can already appreciate how an industry expert can make the decision process easier for you. Bridal styling, Groom styling, and all other parts of your wedding isn't just picking something that's Instagram-worthy.

It's about finding what's right for you.



Our process begins on a call with a discussion of your wedding incorporating your vision, and personal goals. Here we will discuss certain aspects such as timelines, price point, and expectations. Taking this information, we are able to determine the direction that is best to take for your shopping.



Based on our consultation we will pre-shop the stores to maximize your time efficiently before you have to even step foot into an atelier. After a full scope, a vision board will be sent to you making sure we are right on the money. Once given the green light, we move forward on making appointments. While we love all of our stores, we want to make the most out of your experience.



Let the fun begin! Upon your arrival, specific gowns will be ready and waiting for you to try on based on the pre-shop edit. We accompany you to each appointment working side by side with your specifically assigned bridal consultant asking the questions you may not know to ask, pulling more dresses from back stock, and facilitating your purchase from start to finish. There is nothing more important than maintaining your expectations for your alterations, and we'll do just that.  



As your wedding dresser, we'll be there to steam, bustle, and save the day from any fashion emergencies. Similar to a stylist at a photo shoot, we'll accompany you throughout pictures - holding your train so it stays in pristine condition for the ceremony, and ensuring you look picture perfect behind that camera lens allowing your photographer to focus and capture that perfect moment. While you may have an event planner or day-of coordinator, they'll be busy with the other vendors making sure your wedding is absolutely perfect. Your big day is the day where you should feel that everything is being taken cared of inside the bridal suite. That's what we'll do for you. 

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